TCS Ninja Interview Experience 2021!

Before I tell you about my TCS Ninja Interview Experience, I want to tell you two key points which you must remember before going to an interview.

  1. An interview is all about selling yourself.
  2. Your Confidence. (Whatever you tell in an interview, tell it with confidence)

My interview was held at Webex meeting(it is a software like zoom) and scheduled at evening time. There was 3 panelist in that meeting in which 2 are girls(one for HR, one for MR and one for Technical).

Firstly they welcome me in the meeting and one panelist among them asked me to show my documents(mostly they saw softcopy of Documents, But I kept both soft/hard copy handy with me) then she took a picture of mine with holding Aadhar Card in my Hand through their webcam.

Now, they started First Round which is Technical, They mostly asked about Technical Stuff related to my Programming Knowledge which includes:

  • Which Programming Language You will Prefer among C, JAVA, or Python?
  • Do You Know About Modifiers?
  • Then she told me to write a Program, So I asked her which Program should I write, the simplest one is the addition of two Number should I wrote this One, Then she laughed a little bit and told me to write Program For Fibonacci Series. (then I wrote the program on a blank paper and show her and also Explain the whole Logic of my Program too)

and she also asked some more Technical Question Related to Programming. That’s it for the Technical Part.

It is obvious that you are panicking in the middle of the Interview. But remember that you have to maintain yourself cool and calm.

Now, after they were done with my first round I got some confidence in myself that my Technical round is gone well and the rest I will handle easily, But When my Second Round Started and First Question is fired on me Something Unexcepted had happened.

The Question On Which I was stuck is Tell Me Something About Yourself? yes, it seems easy but trust me guys it’s really that question that put me under lots of pressure in the middle of my interview. Because I try to memorize its answer and while delivering its answer to them I forget some part from them and got nervous. then I asked them to give me some time because I feel a little bit nervous and I start over again with my answer.

So my opinion on this is that you must prepare this question properly and don’t spell it so fastly Because if you do that they think you remembered the answer of this question so keep this point in your mind.

After this whatever they asked me I gave answer very confidently thinking like what worst will happen since I already ruin my first question.

Then they asked general Question like:

  • You Know about Git, then tell how to do commit there?
  • You have Gap in your Educational Period and why is that so?
  • Had you done any Project yet and what is the name of your Project, and other stuff relared to my Project?

Now, Third Round Third panelist(which is a men of age around 30-35) started their questions Which is generally related to my Resume.

  • He asked about my certificate which I earned.
  • Are you comfortable with Relocation?
  • Are you comfortable with Night Shift?
  • If a Startup Company Offer You more Package than TCS which one you choose and why?
  • Did you know about the service agreement, etc?

and at the end they tell me to leave the meeting, so I greet them and left the meeting.


  • Prepare Word/pdf document According to you for HR, MR, and for Technical(Question you think they might ask and what answer you are going to give them).
  • Put all your softcopy Documents in a separate folder in an organized manner Before Meeting.

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