5 SEO tips to rank your website


Many people believe SEO is a difficult concept but this isn’t true. The basic configuration of SEO is simple to implement and there are times that this is all which you require to do for gaining maximum exposure on all the main search engines.

If you are looking ahead for a swift guide with simple but effective SEO tips, then you are certainly on the correct page, read on!

Optimize your URL, titles and descriptions:

This is genuinely the oldest and the most effective tip in SEO industry but this is still considered the most essential. Go through the instances below and then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Which is more descriptive?
  2. Which line is friendlier and catchy to users?
  3. Which endows you with a great idea of what websites it is about without actually clicking?
  4. If you have viewed both of the search results then which one will you select?

The below pointers are most essential for setting up a better website.

  1. A meaningful and unique title
  2. An attractive description
  3. A formatted URL

You must thoroughly analyze your website the way you think and if there exist any room 

for amelioration in your descriptions and titles, this is your priority and a good step for getting good rankings.

Provide fresh and useful content:

One reason you have a blog or website is to endow content to structure an audience, keep existing readers excited or garner a new audience.

Via the content, we mean anything from the videos, articles, infographics, music, slideshows, reviews or anything that is well suited for the niche. If your content is old, static or out of date then mostly your visitors will move away swiftly and will never return back.

Genuinely what is your reaction when you visit a site that has an out of date content? It is exactly the same as users going through your site.

A couple of years ago it was believed that updating wasn’t an essential SEO factor but this has comparatively changed because of competition.

There is great competition in each and every keyword you search and the websites have the most fresh and useful content that have more chances of winning the race.

Does this point towards the point that you have to let out new content on a daily basis? Not necessary. Your strategy of publishing is dependent upon various numbers of factors also.

Ameliorate your site’s loading time:

Page speed plays an essential role in ameliorating your page ranking. In case, if you have read regarding this before and have not done anything regarding it, then you are conducting a drastic error.

Because this is essential:

Speed of the page is endowed with a ranking factor: If you have 2 similar websites and if one is faster than the other, you can definitely expect it to rank higher provided various other things are the same.

Faster websites help in generating more and more conversions: This indicates more sales and more RSS subscribers and number of clicks on the advertisement.

More page views: When a site loads faster, then the users are likely to visit more than a page before leaving.

How exactly can you ameliorate your website speed? This might not be a simple task especially when you are not technically sound but it is essential to handle the speed of the page well without any further delays.

Therefore, if you are not able to hire a developer or an SEO to make your site load faster, you can do the following:

  • Remove the big images
  • Remove less necessary JavaScript files
  • Use the sprites instead of using small images to minimize the HTTP redirects.
  • Move out to faster hosting providers
  • Utilize CDN or content delivery network service
  • Utilize these resources from yahoo or google search engines for more tools and tips.

You must make sure that the site is mobile friendly:

There are various reasons as to why your site must be mobile friendly. Firstly, the fact that most of the users are coming from a mobile device. If you go ahead and check on Google Analytics reports, especially the “Mobile Overview” report, you will have to note that more than seventy percent of the traffic comes from the device – MOBILE.

This means if your site is not completely optimized for viewing via mobile, then these people will leave away from your site and probably might never return.

Secondly, Google has come up with a mobile-first index which is utilized for indexing of mobile websites. Gradually, the mobile index serves all mobile users.

If your site is not at all mobile friendly, it will not be a portion of Google mobile index; this means a drastic drop in the traffic.

What you must do? Follow 3 simple steps:

  • You must test your site with Google Mobile-Friendly Test and then try on implementing the recommendations for conducting your site in a mobile friendly manner.
  • You must make sure that content shown to the mobile users is similar to the content you have on the desktop site. This involves both the contents, links, and images. If you have a responsive website already then this must not be a problem.
  • You must test your site with Google mobile speed test. You must measure how long does it takes to load the pages on the mobile connections and then take all the necessary actions to ameliorate the speed as much as possible.

Register your site with Bing and Google webmaster tools:

For records, Google already knows that everything you require to know regarding your site with or without even submitting it to the webmaster tools.

Once you visit the process of registration and perform a few regular configurations you will get a notification if there exists any issue with your site and begin looking at a few amazing facts regarding your website like:

  • A number of pages for indexing.
  • Number of links which are incoming
  • The search queries
  • Crawl the errors
  • Number of internal links

Bottom line:

The above-listed tips are simple but very essential.

If you are the one running an e-commerce store, blog or content driven site and you are the ones receiving excess traffic from the search engines, then you require ensuring that you have implemented the above five tips correctly.

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