Accenture Associate Software Engineer Hiring- August Coding Question & Answer!

Hello, Folks Welcome to CodeScript. In this article, I will discuss the coding questions that were asked in Accenture Associate Software Engineer Hiring on 19 August.

There were two questions in the coding round test. I have listed all questions below.

1. Straight Line or 0:


Given a set of points in a plane, check whether the points lie on a straight line or not. If they lie on a straight line returns the equation else returns 0.

Input Format:

First Input: First Line contains no. of points in the plane.

Second Input: The second line contains x,y coordinates of all the points which are divided with spaces.

Output Format:

Equation of the line (str) if the points lie on a plane or 0(str).

Sample Input:


1 1 2 2 3 3




The three points here are [1,1],[2,2] and [3,3]. These lie on a line so it returned the equation.


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2. Step Game

This is a game where there are steps numbered from 0 to the n steps. You will be on the nth step on the start of the game. your goal to reach the 0th step at the end ogf the game with a minimum no of jumps.

If the given step’s number is even you are allowed to jump n/2 steps below ate maximum and if the step no. is odd you are allowed to jump 1 step below. Now find the win this game from the given input.

Sample Input:





10->5 jump – 1

5->4 jump – 2

4->2 jump – 3

2->1 jump – 4

1->0 jump – 5


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